The Holaras  BR 2000-H!

The perfect solution for the optimum cleaning of all types of roots, including sugar-beet, fodder beet and potatoes.

The bucket has a cleaning trace , similar to that of a sugar-beet cleaner loader inside that is driven by a hydraulic motor.

The trace can be adjusted according to the required level of cleaning

For example, when roots are grown on clay soil, they require more thorough cleaning before they can be fed.

By adjusting the center distance of the bars, the cleaner can also be used for other crops, such as potatoes and chicory roots.

After loading, the bucket is tilted back to allow the roots to roll around inside of the bucket

The cleaning area is 2 square meters.

– Capacity 2.3 Cu M
– Large Cleaning Capacity
– Can Be Specified To Fit Wheeled Loaders/ Prime Movers/ Telehandlers With Optional Brackets

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