Holaras-Stego-Pro 285 Silage Roller With Hydraulic Side-Shift

The Stego-Pro can be specified with a Hydraulic Side-Shift option.

This gives the operator more flexibility to be able to roll close to the sides and shoulders of the silage clamp without having to drive too close to the pit wall.

The hydraulic side-shift can move the roller frame 0.5 metres to the left or to the right-hand-side of the tractor, making the silage consolidation operation much safer and creating a safer working environment and peace of mind for the operator and dramatically reducing the likelihood of an accident or over-turn with the rolling tractor.

We also offer an option of side-compactor hydraulic arms, either left or right or both sides to enable the consolidation of the edges and sides of the clamp, particularly useful when being used in drive-over pit scenarios, enabling good consolidation without the risk of over-turning the rolling tractor.

Other options are available such as LED Lighting, Additional Ballast Weights, Loader Or Shovel Attachment.



Technical specifications

Type Stego 200-PRO Stego 285-PRO Stego 400-PRO Stego 485-PRO
Coupling 3 Point Front 3 Point Front 3 Point Front 3 Point Front
Weight approx. 1205 kg approx. 1465 kg approx. 2500 kg approx. 2700 kg
Working width 200 cm 285 cm 400 cm 485 cm
Dimensions lxwxh 149x188x130 cm 149x270x130 cm 149x260x230 cm 149x282x220 cm
Roller volume (L) 470 l 735 l 950 l 1250 l
Number of rings 9 12 19 22
Ring diameter Ø 90 cm Ø 90 cm Ø 90 cm Ø 90 cm
Required hydraulic cap. 40 l/min, 180 bar 40 l/min, 180 bar 40 l/min, 180 bar 40 l/min, 180 bar
Sideshift adjustment Option Option
Ballast weights Option Option Option Option
Lights Option Option Option Option
Towbar Option Option Option Option
Hydr. foldable siderollers Standard Standard




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Stego-Pro 285 C/W Hydraulic Side-Shift Attachment


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