Holaras Stego-Pro Silage Roller / Compactor

We are very proud to be the Holaras UK and Ireland sole agent.

The full range of Holaras Bio-Gas equipment caters for all aspects of Bio-Gas production!

Whether you need to chop roots for digesters or AD plants, consolidate clamped silage or push vast amounts of silage into layers into a clamp, we have the answer for all your Bio-Gas requirements.

Stego-Pro- Silage Compactors Available In 2, 2.85, 4.0 & 4.85 Metre Widths For Optimum Silage Clamp Consolidation!

Other options available, hydraulic-side-shift, LED lighting, ballast weights, side compactor attachment, loader or shovel attachment.

The range of Holaras silage conservation equipment has been the envied choice for  thousands of worldwide customers for several years now.
The design of the Holaras machines are not only strong and robust; they are designed for longevity and years of reliable use.
The concept of the StegoPro works in a similar way to that of a ring press, wide spacing and narrow ring surface area.
 Unlike other competitor’s train-wheel type machines which “smear” the top of the silage being ensiled, the press rings are designed with a chamfered edge to cleanly cut into the layers and consolidate below the surface; but without losing essential goodness and nutrients out of the clamp.
The StegoPro also can operate in heavy, sticky and dewy conditions, rotate freely and not stall, thanks to it’s large diameter and the ring design; whereas other designs tend to “bung-up” when used in such conditions.
Test results show that a respectable extra 10-15% capacity can be gained from using the Holaras StegoPro with less deterioration and spoilage of ensiled material, in fact an extra 75 cents a litre of milk has been achieved in The Netherlands due to improved milk composition and forage quality by a Holaras StegoPro user, so as they say “it says what it does on the tin” or the roller in this case!
The best ensiled silage starts in the clamp, not the field!
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