NRH Engineering Land Packers

Produced by NRH Engineering Ltd is the Coil Crumbler Packer with star cleaners. Sold to nineteen countries, not just Europe but also such countries as New Zealand and Japan. It is the most versatile roller on the market.

The reason for its enormous success is due to its ability to firm, level and consolidate the seed-bed, helping to retain moisture in the land and improve germination. An evenly firmed seedbed is created that can be uniformly drilled to give a consistent depth of seed placement. The surface of the packed land remains open and friable, but not too fine to fall victim to water and wind erosion. In the dry a perfect seedbed is prepared regardless of soil type with minimal horsepower. In the wet, with the star cleaning system it will function even in the most extreme conditions.

The coils are produced from high tensile hollow or solid material. This gives 19% more tensile strength and 29% greater yield strength (a measure of the coils ability to return to its original shape when under pressure) than mild steel.

They are produced for all types of machines. The diameter can vary from 450mm to 600mm, and the length and stub dimensions can vary to suit individual requirements.

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