Stocks Ag Pneumatic Applicators

Stocks AG manufacture a wide range of machines designed for the specialist application of small seeds and granular products used in the agricultural, horticultural and amenity sectors.

All their machines are designed and engineered for performance, simplicity, and longevity, and are powered by the 12 volts DC electrical system of the vehicle and are supplied with a variety of control systems.

High-quality robust motors, the extensive use of stainless steel and plastics and consistent high build quality ensure a long and reliable working life. Stocks applicators are specified as Original Equipment by several manufacturers and are used extensively by farmers in the UK and abroad.

Constant product development and innovation have resulted in new machines and improvements to most of the range. They have introduced the new RDS i-CON control system – a GPS based colour touchscreen control for Precision Farming variable rate seeding from field maps, with speed proportionate metering and the ability to nudge rates up or down, and full audio-visual monitoring of all functions, and simple calibration and set procedure. The i-CON is compatible with several models of their applicators.

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