Trak Jak

The ONLY safe and efficient way to remove your wheels on your tractor whilst being able to move it around with the wheels removed! Ideal for contractors farmers dealers and customers who need to change wheels on a regular basis without having to use bottle jacks and unsafe bits of wood dotted around the workshop! With a maximum working lifting weight of 12 tonnes, the Trak Jak will easily cope with most higher horsepower tractors and will also work with the front linkage as well as the rear.


We believe that the cost of the Trak Jak is easily outweighed by the benefits the main being it is protecting your workforce whilst also protecting your business from accidents and liability for mishaps and accidents caused by falling wheels and workforce and key team members becoming injured.


We can offer two different types of model:

The Continental is ideal for users with tractors with pick-up hitches for front or rear applications.

The Euro-Pro is designed for users with tractors with or without pick-up hitches and designed for bigger tractors with a swinging drawbar.

Both models are rated to lift 12 tonnes respectively.

See the benefits of the Trak Jak on your farm today, call us for more information and we will be happy to show you how Trak Jak can make a place on your farm!

Here is a comment from one of our customers who has bought a Trak-Jak from us last year (2019)


“Dear Will,

I am very pleased with the Trak Jak.

It has made front and rear wheel – changing on our large tractors a safe and easy job.

The tool was recommended to us by our Health and Safety auditor and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.”


Dick Munton

Munton Farms




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