Finally Summer is here!

Despite the challenges of which our country currently faces, we as British people are the best at facing adversity with positivity, and accept the challenges we are presented with; and we here at WM Agri are no different.

With added pressures of very few people buying at the moment, you have to be prepared to expand and look for additional opportunities, and we have done just that!

It is with immense pleasure that we can officially announce our collaboration with another European Business Partner, to further strengthen our strings to our bow and to further propogate our sales portfolio, we welcome Meijer Holland to the WM Agri fold!

Many of you will be familiar of the Meijer range of bale sledges, we ourselves had one for many years on our farm at Fransham behind our Welger baler, the range attracted us to the many opportunities which have presented themselves to us, with an unrivalled reputation for strength and build quality.

The bale handling range consists of the Jumbo CKM 2 for wrapped bale handling, small flat 8,12,15,16 bale grabs, the newly launched Super-Fred 3-4 for handling up to 4 Hesston Bales and the mightily impressive Rambo 3-4 and now 6 for handling an impressive 150 tonnes of straw an hour!

Plus, the ever popular for the smaller bale sledge handling , The Lima Bale Sledge, for the larger bale collector range, The Flintstone; and of course the ability to supply replacement parts and components, we are very confident that the product range will meet the approval and demands of our most discerning of customers!

Call the sales team today to discuss your bale handling requirements!

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